All About Exhaust System


Cars need to have a way of eliminating its excess gases or waste as not being able to do so can result to back pressure. Most vehicles that are straight from the factory don’t always have free flow exhaust system instead, it is only using small diameter piping than what the car needs exactly. If you will look at the exhaust manifold, you will see that its bends are not bent in mandrel manner to create better airflow.

As for naturally aspirated vehicles available today, it is best that you work first on its induction and exhaust prior to anything else. You will learn about the various parts of exhaust system in the next lines.

Manifold/exhaust headers/branches – these take the gases from the engine’s cylinder and then, combine them to 1 pipe that’s interconnected to another pipe underneath the car. Best branches in the market are using mandrel bends and some even are coated in ceramics for improved heat reduction. Not only that, it is flow tested to make sure that it is flowing the air out efficiently.

Head pipe – the head pipe is designed in such way to connect the branches to the catalyctic converter all the way to the mufflers. It is normally has straight path without much bending.

Catalyctic converter – converting carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons as well as nitrogen, which are all dangerous chemicals to carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and water vapor is the purpose of catalyctic converter. As we discuss its function in greater detail, you will see that this has beads/honeycomb that is coated in palladium as well as platinum. With this in the exhaust of the car, it is able to transfer the bad gases into good one. Know more about Lincoln Park automobile heating here!

Muffler – deadening the loud sound produced by a car is the function of mufflers. The muffler does this by forcing the sound waves to bounce against each; this process cancels the noise. Actually, many cars have second mufflers or sometimes two parallel mufflers. The final muffler in most cases has a couple of exhaust tailpipes connected to it. Usually, this is done for aesthetics only particularly when its tips are chromed.

Tailpipe – this is the last part of the Lincoln Park exhaust systems and has piping from the vehicle’s muffler and all way back. Whether you believe it or not, majority of the aftermarket tailpipes you can purchase today have a beautifully chromed tip that’s either single or double tip. Due to the reason that the piping should curve up and over the axle on the rear, you’ll typically find most bends on this location. The truth is, there are some other suppliers that are putting lights on the tips of their exhaust.


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